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Solutions in Practice: Scottish Solution Focused Network

Afternoon Plenary Session.


Claudia Van Zuiden: "Solution Focused Interactions In Nepal."

Claudia van Zuiden is the owner and Director of Solution Ways, Creative Centre for Wellness and Well-being, in Scotland, UK.  She has, over a number of years, had significant contact in Nepal through a range of work with children and women. There is a considerable need related to mental health care development in Nepal, particularly for some groups that work with young women who are survivors of human trafficking.

Claudia had been invited by the Nepali Ministry of Health and by the Department of Psychology at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu,to train trainers in Solution Focused Interventions. She facilitated various SF workshops in 2011 and 2012 in Nepal. Claudia has also set up a mental health awareness project in Nepal in SFBT.  She found many similarities in the Buddhist philosophy and she will discuss why she felt Solution Focused Practice could be a way forward in a country where there is a minimum of mental health support. Through networking and being invited to speak at conferences she has discovered that Solution Focused is already being applied in other developing countries with many success stories.  Claudia has been recently invited to facilitate workshops in Solution Focused Interventions in Malawi, Thailand, South Africa, Zimbabwe and is exploring solutions for being able to deliver these within the next few years.


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