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Scottish Solution Focused Network​


Solutions in Practice: Scottish Solution Focused Network

Breakout Session 1.



Sharon Little: “A picture is worth a thousand words”

Sharon is a youth worker at Penumbra youth Project in Fife. Sharon has been using solution focus practice with young people for 7 years.


Sharon would like to invite you to take part in a short workshop; this will show how using vision boards along side solution focus can help work towards achieving goals in a powerful and effective way.


In this workshop we will use solution focus brief therapy to identify a goal or goals and then break them down to smaller achievable goals. Each person will then have an opportunity to work on their own vision board using pictures images and words to represent their goals.

Wendy Woolfson: "Story-Telling and Solution Focused Interactions."

It's about the simplicity of a story to enable one to understand the needs of another.

It's about re-storying your own story and noticing how that changes the outcomes and perspective.


This short, interactive workshop will illustrate the effects of changing our stories and how we can use our stories for instigating change in our lives.


Considering the Soltutions Focused method of questioning from a storytelling perspective, we will hear stories, make new stories and reflect on the effects and differences this may make.


A story is told 'eye to eye, mind to mind and heart to heart' ~ Scottish Traveller's proverb.

When we tell a story we are bringing our minds together in harmony with another soul, connecting and sharing on a deeper level. Story is profound communication, connection and sharing. Stories hold the wisdom of the ages and carry the legacy of human experience as they speak in gentle, nurturing ways, painting pictures in the mind and reminding us that we are not alone.


Wendy is a professional storyteller and directory and forum member with The Scottish Storytelling Centre in Edinburgh. One of her passions is creating nurturing environments in which to share stories. Wendy has worked with young carers, looked after young people, social inclusion groups, women in refuge and adults and children with learning and physical disabilities.

Wendy provides workshops on many topics; for those starting out in storytelling to those looking to deepen their practice and confidence, and sessions to develop understanding of the therapeutic value within the stories. 

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