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Solutions in Practice: Scottish Solution Focused Network

Breakout Session 3.


Christopher Ward: "Solution Focused Interactions with Clients Presenting with Self Harming Behaviours"

Christopher Ward is a Nurse Consultant with CAMHS, N.H.S Fife. He has 25 years experience in the mental health field and has been using Solution Focused Techniques with young people and their families for the last 14 years. He completed his Masters in Solution Focused Brief Therapy through Birmingham University in 2008.


In his break out session he will be discussing the use of exception questions with clients presenting with self harming behaviours. He will demonstrate how identifying exceptions can uncover a rich source of alternative strategies all drawn from the clients own frame of reference. Participants will be invited to try out these techniques and create links to their own future practice.

Dorothy Adam: "SF with people who are grieving"

Dorothy Adam is a lecturer in Adult Nursing at Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen.  Her background is in palliative care nursing.  She has been providing counselling for CLAN (Cancer Link Aberdeen and North East) since 2006, using SFBT since 2010.   


Therapist: “So what is different that tells you that the miracle has happened?”


Bereaved client (unsurprisingly): “My husband is lying next to me”. 


How do you respond?  Is the miracle question appropriate when the client wants the impossible?  Is SFBT a wise choice for clients dealing with bereavement?  How well does it sit with current models of grieving?  Perhaps it doesn’t. 


What do you think? 

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